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Abha Maryada Banerjee

Abha Maryada Banerjee is India's first internationally acclaimed Woman motivational speaker rated as one of the prominent Leadership, Performance and Success Coaches/Speakers in Asia Pacific. A die hard expressionist , she is prolific in her conduct and words to convey LIFE , SUCCESS and INSPIRATION . In her words, Poetry is not my forte but Life definitely is, I never let a moment go by without living it.

Abhay Chokshi

अभय चोकसी व्यवसाय से एक तकनिकी लेखक है और कर्म से एक कवि है. बचपन से ही भाषाओँ के प्रति उनकी रूचि अधिक रही है. जीवन में घटे प्रसंगों से प्रेरणा लेकर, उन्हें वो कविता में ढालना पसंद करते हैं. उनके लिए कविता सिर्क शौक नहीं, प्रेम और जूनून की आत्मा-खोजी यात्रा है. इस ही खोज ने आज एक काव्यग्रंथ का रूप लिया है. वो कविता के प्रति उत्साह और चाहत वो अपनी बेटी काव्या को भेंट करते हैं.†

Abhijith Jayanthi

Abhijith's method in the madness (read: world) so far in life has been that whenever conventional wisdom has tried to show him the path, he has always followed his heart taken the diametrically opposite one. That explains his passion for letters and his interest in writing.

Abhinav Baruah

Poet Abhinav Baruah's original name is Arindam Baruah who hails from Assam, North Eastern States of India with back ground in Civil Engg. and Management. He works for Central Govt. of India. He is very fond of Japanese style of poetry and writes Tanka, Haiku and Senryu. 

Abhishek Dudeja

Born in the rich culture of Punjab (India), Abhishek Dudeja is an avid blogger and an art lover. Currently pursuing his Bachelors in Engineering, Abhishek has directed and composed music for state level plays. Apart from Poetry he also writes short stories and articles and is a musician. He can play more than 20 types of musical instruments.

Adam D. Powell

Adam Donaldson Powell (USA-Norway) has published several books previously, including novels/novellas, poetry, literary criticism and more - in USA, Norway and India. He writes in English, Spanish, Norwegian and French. Mr. Powell is also a visual artist (painter, installation artist and photographer), and a literary critic (primarily poetry books, haiku books, and books of short prose).

Aditi Upmanyu

Reading and writing prose and poetry has always been a passion. Though I hold no degrees of literature, I’ve achieved enough in terms of knowledge, vocabulary and writing skills. Literature, of any language, is a part through which I’ve developed my personality. I’m in class tenth and I’d seen the dream of getting my book out five years back. But perhaps I saw it with open eyes, now. I still dream of being a distinguished writer and I would try my best to give the most succulent pieces of literature in the upcoming times.

Aditya Gupta

Aditya was born in a small town in North India and moved to the capital (Delhi) very early in his life. He is a philosopher trapped in the mind of a poet, trapped in the body of an ex-IITian. He drives faster than you. In the daytime, he lives in a parallel universe where he devours omelette paos and demand models; come nightfall, the pen is his weapon of choice and whiskey is his poison. He is suspicious of happy endings. He currently lives in Mumbai (India) but mostly he lives inside his head.

Aiswarya T Anish

My name is Aiswarya T Anish. I'm 13 . I am from Kerala, India. I went to Sree Narayana Trusts Central School, Nangiarkulangara, Harippad, Alappuzha till 8th standard. Currently, I'm doing 9th grade at Trivandrum International School, Trivandrum. My father is Mr. Anish Raj and my mother is Mrs. Thara Anish.

Akanksha Chaudhary

Akanksha Chaudhary was born in Rohtak (Haryana) and is a well known writer and† poetess. A graduate from Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi University and an MBA in Human resources from FORE, she continued nevertheless to follow her passion of writing.

Akhila Rajesh

Ms. Akhila Rajesh works as an IT professional in a reputed Indian company. Behind this IT professional is a passionate poet. She has been writing poems since her school days. She was also the editor of her school and college magazines.

Akshat Sharma

Akshat “The Reflection” Sharma is an aspiring poet, growing off from shades of different psyche of human life. A musician at heart, a thinker via soul, and a vocalist by choice – Akshat, writes about anything and everything that can trigger his thoughts to wander aimlessly to a destination of words that would flow out to portray the inbound emotions of a human essence.

Alan Morgan

Alan  Morgan  was  born  in  Cheltenham,  England  and  educated  at  The  Kings  School  in  the  cathedral  city  of  Gloucester.  He  had  many  professions  including  banker,  teacher,  advisor. These  poems  speak  of  the  emotional  currents  which  shape  our  lives :  happiness and  sadness,  hopes  and  desires.  But  most  of  all,  of  love. He  now  lives  in  the  South  of  France.

Alan D. Busch

Alan D. Busch is an independent author in Skokie, Illinois, married to Heather and the father of Benjamin, Kimberly and Zac.Between !0 and 5 With Dad/Keeping The Fifth Commandment is the author's second book. His first Snapshots In Memory of Ben, was published in 2007. His prose and poetry appear in a variety of print and on-line media.

Albert Russo

Albert Russo who has published worldwide over 65 books of poetry, fiction and photography, in English and in French, his two mother-tongues, is the recipient of many awards, such as The American Society of Writers Fiction Award, The British Diversity Short Story Award, several New York Poetry Forum Awards, Amelia Prose and Poetry awards and the Prix Colette, among others. 

Ali Mohamed El-Sayed

Dr. Ali M. El-Sayed holds an MD and MPH degree from the Alexandria University, Egypt. For several years he worked on the project Ecology of Trachoma in Rural Egypt before joining the Ministry of Health as a Medical Biostatistician & Specialist in Disease Coding, a job that he currently holds. Apart from coding and analyzing morbidity and mortality data for the State of Kuwait he has held periodic workshops and orientation programmes in Disease Coding at Kuwait and other Gulf countries. He has 30 publications to his credit, including an Arabic translation of ICD-9 (3-Digit Categories) and a Manual in Arabic on determinig the underlying cause of death, as per WHO norms.

Alice Parris

Ms. Parris began writing poetry at seventeen. At this juncture, she won her first award on a collegiate level. She wrote poetry for every poignant moment in her life for the next thirty-three years. Assembled into a journal, the book of these poems is called SOULGASM. The audio-book SOULGASM consists of four parts of bumping music, with Ms. Parris reading her book. This CD is sure to excite its listeners and is a one-of-a-kind- offering.

Alka Narula

Alka Narula, a student of business studies, who probably should have pursued her career in fine arts was born with artistic instincts and a strong colour and aesthetic sense. In mid years of her life she chose interior designing as her career, to satisfy her a creative instincts. She loves to pour her emotions in the form of poetry. 

Allen Itz

Allen Itz is a native South Texas, moving slowly over the years from a small town just a few miles from the Rio Grande to San Antonio and the hill country. He began as a writer in the late 1960's, published a few poems, than quit writing for nearly 30 years. He began to write again several years ago after he retired from a career in state government and has since published more than 200 poems in various on-line and print journals. This is his first book, a collection of both previously published and unpublished work.

Ami Blackwelder

Ami Blackwelder is a forbidden romance writer in the paranormal and historical romance genre. Growing up in Florida, she went to UCf and in 1997 received her BA in English and teaching credentials. She travelled overseas to teach in Thailand, Nepal, Tibet, China and Korea. Thailand is considered her second home now.

Ami Rem

A pink poet, Ami Rem writes for the sake of dreams. poetry, as he sees is an expression of ancient hymns, filtered in dreams and seen through the mind's eyes. Poetry is every day in every moment of dreams. Inspired by Pink Floyd and Bob Dylan,  welcome to the Pink Dylan show. 

Amit Agarwal

A poet who has a vintage touch to his writing and touches reader’s heart with his powerful Haikus. And short poems. Amit is a Self-employed who has found his true calling in writing, is exploring the new vistas through his blog. Amit is also an avid photographer and a painter. He has taught literature and business management at UG and PG level and has worked for several years at senior positions in the Corporate world.


Amit Kalantri has authored two books including this one. His other work is “I Love You Too” a book with romantic insights. Amit Kalantri is a 2009 batch Electronics and Telecomm engineer from VIIT, Pune. He is currently working with an IT firm in Pune.

An E. de Bijll Nachenius

Van Muur tot Molensteen (from Wall to M il lstone) is based on the letters, that An de Bijll Nachenius, retired Ambassador of The Netherlands, wrote from her postings abroad to her fam il y and friends in The Netherlands about her life, impressions  and experiences. The letters cover the period between 1986 when her career as a b il ateral diplomat started as deputy Head of Mission in East Berlin, behind The Wall, unt il l September 2004 when she ended her posting as Ambassador in New Zealand. There is where a m il lstone in the Dutch Windm il l was given her name.

Angad Singh Saluja

An MBA in Finance from Icfai Business School and with handful of experience in the banking industry, Mr. Angad Singh Saluja has come a long way in the last few years with his entrepreneurial skills after being associated with Reliance Mutual Fund and ING Bank. He now heads his own business of auto security components and also has a firm which caters to E-Commerce supply. He completed his Bachelor of Commerce (Honors) Degree from Delhi University in 2008 and always was seen taking a keen interest in seminars, symposiums, group discussions and debates throughout his student days.

Angie Hulme

Angie Hulme is 21 and lives in Nottingham. In her spare time, besides writing, she enjoys doing good deeds for strangers, drinking, reading, being a computer geek and generally making a nuisance of herself. According to friends, she is a full-of-life Superperson, has x-ray vision, and when pushed can even fly (I guess that’s way she has a Peter Pan type attitude). Probably. She also thinks her friends are insane, but would never tell them such because she loves them to bits, and instead prefers to believe them in their drunken mutterings.

Anjali Paul

ANJALI PAUL always wanted to be a writer, so she spent many years developing her talent. In addition to this collection of poetry, she has written a collection of short stories called "Some of the Places I Visited in Hell." Her novel called "The Virgin Goddess" has also been published.

Ankit Malhotra

Ankit Malhotra, is pursuing a degree in Law out of New Delhi and working on Poetry along side. After achieving his academic goals, he wishes to dedicate himself entirely to Poetry and thus come out to people as an artist, entertaining them in the mechanic world. He wishes to portray his emotions and thoughts in the form of words and resonate with people on the same lines. He wishes to prove the simple fact that poetry is a way of finding one s self through words. Thus, in such hopes, he wishes to spread smiles and joy.

Anthony Gurling

Anthony was born and educated in the East End of London, just a few kilometres from the financial centre known as the City of London. After leaving school, Anthony worked in the city for three years before moving to Finland where he got married. As well as travelling all over England, mostly by motorcycle, Anthony has also travelled throughout most of Europe and Scandinavia. Having experienced work in many different fields, ranging from financial services to butchery, building to teaching, Anthony has used all his memories and experiences to develop this style of book. It is predominantly aimed at people throughout the world who are learning English as a second language.

Anumay Raychaudhuri

Born in the year 1966, 5th of January in Howrah district of West Bengal. Studied in the school named Swamy Vivekananda Institution. Later on studied Wireless telegraphy and telephony to join Merchant Shipping as Radio Officer. With the advent of modern technology the old technology of wireless telegraphy was phased out which compelled me to study electrical and electronics to join as electrical officer onboard ship.

Apurv Kumar

At a first glance, one may not find me any sort of a magnate but still I consider myself a good author. Since this is the beginning, I have merely composed a handful of poems for that matter. I am also interested in painting, research and composition of music but first I want to try my hand at writing.


Ardra Manasi is a final year Masters student of Development Studies at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras. She has published her first collection of poems in Malayalam titled ‘Jalatharpanam’ in 2007. She has actively contributed articles and poems to newspapers and magazines including The Hindu, Reading Hour, Mathrubhumi, Bodhi Commons etc.

Arkajyoti Samanta

Mr. Arkajyoti Samanta is Director, Human Resources in Karnataka Health Promotion Trust, Bangalore, India. He has extensive experience in Human Resource Management, with a back ground of working in Public Sector Undertaking and NGOs. He is s passionate art lover and active member in writer-network, a free creative writing community and Facebook. Writing poems has been a passion for him. He has accepted this as journey; one of conviction and contentment. His poems have been featured in Taj Mahal Review and anthologies published by Brian Wrixon, Canada , Barry Mowles, UK (Destiny to write publication) , Dwina Taylor , USA. Shortly PDMI, Freelance publishing agency, USA will publish a few poems.

Arun Budhathoki (Daniel Song)

Iíve been writing poems since many years. Many of my early poems were published in The Kathmandu Post and in The Weather Report and Journeys (anthologies by Sampad, UK Iím also featured in MadSwirl ( and several poems have been published in various online journals. I come from Kathmandu, Nepal and I've done MA in International Relations at the University of Northampton, UK. Iím the editor for The Applicant ( Vision Nepal ( and Loesje Nepal.†

Ashfaq Saraf

Ashfaq Saraf started writing at the age of 16 while in school. Born in the Baramulla town of Kashmir Valley, he pursued graduation from National Institute of Technology, Srinagar. He gave up writing, which had primarily begun as Verse in Urdu, and did not write until after completing college.


Ashok Sawhny has in his ten earlier books covered a wide spectrum of subjects, emotions and life itself. This volume is no different. "Think Poetry, Think Haikus", also deals with variety. There is pathos, inwardness, a look at the past, optimism, the beauty of Nature and the reality of life, as in the poem, "Hibiscus".

Ayin M. Adams

Ayin M. Adams, native New Yorker began writing poetry at age five and selling them on her street corner in Brooklyn for twenty-five cents. With much success, she quickly increased her sales to fifty cents as passerbys' enjoyed her work. Winner of the Pat Parker memorial poetry-prize and the Audre Lorde memorial prose-prize. Ayin has been published in numerous anthologies and magazines in the U.S. and U.K. Ayin released two poetry CD's: The Color Of Her Tears and The Woods Deep Inside Me also available in paperback. Ayin holds a Ph.D. in Metaphysics and believes that everyone has the wherewithal to surpass oneself in life by suiting up, showing up, and following through. She makes her home in Maui, Hawaii.


Azsacra Zarathustra is a well known Indo-Aryan philosopher and poet-mystic. He is Editorial Advisor for the international journal of poetry and art "Harvests of New Millennium" (India). He is published in India, Tibet, Japan, Germany, Norway, England, USA.

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