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A Dusting of Star Fall: Love Poems
Author: Sal Amico M. Buttaci
Binding: Paperback (pp:142)
ISBN: 81-8253-054-7
Availability: In Stock (Ships within 1 to 2 days)
Publisher:, Allahabad, India
Pub. Date: 2006
Condition: New
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This poetry collection of mine has been nearly ten years in the writing.  I began when I first met my wife back in August of 1996.  I jotted poems down in small pocket pads, notebooks, and computer files. I submitted many of them to editors in hope of publication and delighted when they were accepted.  It was an ideal way to share the feelings I had for Sharon with, hopefully, a great deal of readers.  Sometime later I started filling small journals with poems and giving them to my wife on the occasions of her birthday, our anniversary, Easter, and Christmas. We would go out to dinner, then come home and I would read to her another book of poems. Finally, putting these “Sharon” poems together in A Dusting of Star Fall: Love Poems made sense to me.  Of all the poems I have written since the 1950s when I first began writing poems, this collection includes my favorites because they are all love-inspired.  These poems that speak of my love for Sharon afford me the pleasant opportunity of delivering them from the deepest part of me into the light of written words so you can read them in this book.  These poems express my belief that the love Sharon and I share truly does conquer all.    

Salvatore Buttaci

Salvatore Buttaci is an obsessive-compulsive writer who plies his craft many hours a day. His poems, stories, articles, and letters have appeared widely in publications that include New York Times, U. S. A. Today, The Writer, Cats Magazine, and Christian Science Monitor. He was the recipient of the $500 Cyber-wit Poetry Award in 2007.

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