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Silence Speaks
Author: Shanu Goyal
Binding: PB
ISBN: 81-8253-031-8
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Publisher:, India
Pub. Date: 2005
Condition: New
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I have tried to depict the eternal beauty and calmness of Silence here in one of my poems: Silence Speaks. In fact, after having written this poem I felt a dire need to be left to myself in the moments of struggle, pain and trauma. This in turn proved to be a self -healing process. The moment I pen down my thoughts, lesser is the pain of suffering, hurt and betrayal.


I have not taken any formal education in poetry writing as I think that it's more of an inner thing which can in no way be taught in any school of art. It's a passion, a drive within, which arouses reflexes to pen down the thoughts. There are moments when you think you cannot compose anything come up with a piece of art that your eyes couldn't believe. The same has been depicted in one of my poems A Poet's Trauma.

Some of my favourite poems are Indian bride, Setting sun, Nature.a bliss, Women's beauty. Ocean.vast.Ocean as they speak of the aesthetic beauty that lies in mother Nature and Woman, both gestating life within.


LOVE is an emotion most difficult to describe as it is eternal. It's magnetism, purity, and divinity transcends all boundaries. It can in no way be captured in any form of expression as its free flowing. All this I've tried to express in my poems- Magnetism of Love,, To be in love, Why not you?, The lost Love, Let love breathe, Love is God, Suffocating rituals, Love.hurts and more.


I've also tried to touch some philosophical topics which sometimes boggle our minds, constantly question our existence and sometimes unnerve us. Our connection with the ethereal zone, our reflexes, our sixth sense by which our prophecies turn out to be true. Atrocities, adversities and plethora of struggles that leave us blank without any satisfactory answer. All this is reflected in my poems - The Occult zone, Is this life, Why?, Heart & mind, Vicious Circle, Who Am I?, Those bits of Thoughts, and a series of others.


Hidden pain, agony, traumatic experiences, betrayal and emotions of hate are very prominent in my poems. This might make you offensive at times as you go through my poems. This is because when bitterness is released through words.a self healing process begins.


I had a chequered past but in all my struggles God Almighty has constantly given me strength to stand amongst all odds. All my experiences are like those precious tiny petals of rose which I had kept secretly in my books. Whenever I turn its pages all my memories revive. Sometimes these remembrances make me laugh, sometimes they hover around me like a black cloud and sometimes they stir my marrows and unnerve me.


This collection of my Poems - Silence Speaks is about me, my thoughts, my struggles, people who are larger than life for me, my Mother who's always inspired me, my husband who has constantly supported me and above all, God my friend who has always been there for me.


As you go through the pages of this book I'm sure you could relate it to yourself as expression could be different but emotions are universal.


                                                                                            - Shanu Goyal

Shanu Goyal

I'm an Indian and was born on 28th Sep, 1974 in Moradabad, a small town of Uttar Pradesh. As a child I had high expectations from myself. Though my ambition was to become a doctor but I ended up doing my post graduation in Business Administration. I worked with several organizations but never felt satisfied working under someone. After my marriage I joined my husband in his export Business.

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Silence Speaks
Silence Speaks
ISBN: 81-8253-031-8
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