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mere deaths and the mostly dead:
Author: T.Wignesan
Binding: Paperback (pp: 269)
ISBN: 978-81-8253-122-2
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Pub. Date: 2008
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mere deaths and the mostly dead: (A Collection of Six Long and Four Short Stories)

The author does not wish to mask the fact that he has drawn from his own experiences to fashion parts of these narrations, but the finished products are, of course, fictional in intent, content, and habillement, even if some of the narrative events may be founded on anecdotes and incidents vécus. The frontiers of the réel and the imaginaire therefore tend to blurr, only in the service of the enhancement and encirclement of what may constitute the truth of le vécu. True, truth is stranger than fiction, but truth that is exhibited naked - blinds. One therefore has to rely on the décodeur de la vérité: the art of dissimulation. Not to tell the whole truth is tantamount to lying, for lying distorts, makes irréel what is tangible. And the reader is none the wiser. Here is where the adage: there is nothing new to narrate becomes fictitious. Le contenu unique still necessarily holds the primal place in literature. Only, the writer should not fear the censor or the self-slighted litigant. Writing is lifelong dedication, not a vocation. The writer must be prepared to die like a samurai, though the author doesn't see why he should in these stories. The long short stories may be thought of as potential novellas or novels in gist. The author would have had need of more time to convert them into novels. The long short stories were all of them written at one go in 1993 during snatches of moments.


T.Wignesan: Born in Kuala Krai, Malaysia. Up to his twenty-first year in Singapore, India, and Malaysia; then in London, Heidelberg, West Berlin, Madrid, and Paris.

Education: After only four years of schooling at Batu Road School and the Victoria Institution in Kuala Lumpur (1946- 1949: dropped out in 1950); school and higher school certificates (Cambridge University: 1951 (SC: 9 subjects - Grade One) & 1953 (HSC: 1 A-level & 3 O-levels), and London University GCE: 4 A-levels and 1 O-level - 1955); Bar studies at the Inns of Court School of Law, London (1953-56)...

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