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Louie Levy as a poet

Louie Levy is preeminently a poet of peace. We find in his poems the beauty of vital and natural affirmations of human nature. Much of Levy's greatness rests on the verbal beauties and immortal lines ' Should all of human dogmatic brain, mind their own faith and not of another, most wars will stop and not start' ("Ponder For Peace", Taj Mahal Review, June 2006), 'reach out with arms outstretched with Love' ("Human Frailty: UN Reposed"). All his poems are singularly powerful in describing how a person grows or decays; how the blemish of war and naked violence ruins our planet:

inhuman war sacrifices

decent souls for unresolved

political and religious controversies

   ("To Whom War, It May Concern", Taj Mahal Review, Dec 2005, p. 440)

Levy says with distinctive control and poise that only by Love and Peace, and 'Spiritual Revival' we can hope to survive. The poet's energy, passion and power is revealed in the following lines which place him on a par with the best in poetry:

Heart 'Beat' we must;

for everlasting Peace

All of Humanity befitting of Love

We inevitably, Will survive

p. 441 

Horace (65 B.C.-8B.C.) aptly commented: "Let your theme be what it may, provided it be simple and uniform; choose a theme suited to your powers, ye authors." Beyond all doubt Levy's theme sprouts out of his deep instinctive wisdom, which inspires him to say that we should be aware :

Prophet, profiteer, and activist

All are one and the same

    ("Prophets And Predictions", Taj Mahal Review, June 2006, p. 21)

Poetry comes naturally and spontaneously to Louie Levy:

Awaken, plan this day,

like no other, waste not.

Contribute for Peace

Earths pleas

go forsaken. (p. 23)

It is in the poetry of Levy that we notice the skill to lead us towards a new world of Truth and Beauty. Louie Levy has recovered in poetry the almost forgotten splendour of Love and Peace:

Help rescue our planet

Of wars profanity, hate,

And inhuman insanity

             ("Time, To Time", Harvests of New Millennium, 2005, p. 123)

Louie Levy elects to deal with ideas of Peace and Beauty in his poems that are abundantly enchantingly convincing. He doest not adopt a creed, but the essence of his poetry is kindled by eternal values.

              Where happiness steers at its loving helm

              In search of many troubled, drifting spirits

             All lost within saddened storms, in hopes

             of their lonesome rescue

             Having since discovered to have been

             residing within another's heart, to share

             therein, some heavenly, loving splendour.

("Friendship, Sails on Peaceful Seas", Taj Mahal Review, June 2007, p. 452)

His style is highly rich with overtones of emotion, and secret correspondence of thoughts. This makes his poetry very spontaneous and a living fountain of vitality. Levy's deepest insights reveal his gentleness and pity for the modern chaos and the sordid reality of the contemporary age. Levy is very right in saying that we should "Urgently preserve and protect our children's legacy for survival." The poet concludes on a note of warning:

              Earth awaits us no longer for the

              selfishness of all who disgrace and

              pollute of its intolerable, Omnipotent given Immortality

("The Seeding of Love and Peace", Taj Mahal Review, Dec. 2007, p. 452)

If we approach Louie Levy's poetry with care, we shall often find that the best lines are those in which the feeling or vision aims at altering the present anarchy:

War Is Hell

War Is Profane

War Must Stop !!!

Blasphemous hate will be

of our own evil cast doom.

("Time, To Time", Harvests of New Millennium Journal, 2008, p. 223)

Louie Levy: "All my life ... I've wanted to write something special, then, when hurting real bad, tears sneaked from my crying heart, and went filling an empty pen with a helping hand My Brooklyn, NY upbringing eventually had me less tolerant of the cold damp weather. Eventually migrating with my family to So, Ca. in 1975. Currently, I'm still enjoying my sunny home living as a single semi-retired, now independent western dude. Hey! Where have all the cowboys and horses gone? I've been writing poetry for seventeen years, since having the insight to discover that...

'Best friends we can be 'me and me',

loneliness was not finding 'me',

Focusing on the wonders of photography is another of my special interests.  I'm currently out-reaching for an ageless, kinship camaraderie of poetry/photography oriented individuals to join with in traveling to some proverbial corners of what's left safe on this Earth. Newly discovered experiences that will further fill these pages with adventure, passion and literary treasures. Please E-mail me having similar interests. My personally favored publisher; writings contained in Cyberwit.net, Explorers, Insights, Taj Mahal Review, Dec.04, June'05, forthcoming, Dec.'05...., Harvests of New Millennium, Art and Poetry. Many years on various forums, e-zines and BBs, Guest spoken for Peace, Love and its creative writing at Simi Valley, Ca Cultural Art Ctr, soon planed at Moorpark Community College, Simi Valley, Ca."

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