For Authors

It is our privilege to work with authors and editors who are leaders in psychology, education, geography, and the social science. As the foundation of our business, you provide an invaluable service to us. We in turn are committed to providing high-quality service to you.

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Rochak Publishing is not a vanity press. We do not ask authors to pay a fee in order to have their book published. If you choose to purchase copies of your book, we provide an author discount. 

Let Rochak Publishing Reprint Your Out-of-Print Book
We are serving authors by republishing their out-of-print books since 2007

If you have published a book that has gone out of print, we can become your publisher.

Why publish with Rochak Publishing?

When you reprint your book with us and Stock you can get exposure with real people who have a vested interest in your book. If you have a special requirement like promotional flyers, or if you would like books shipped directly to a particular place or conference or book signing, we’ll help you make it happen.

Our books are distributed via Ingram Book Group,, (select titles), Barnes and Noble, Baker and Taylor, and EBSCO (the nation’s largest library jobber). We also print and distribute many of our reprinted titles in the United Kingdom through one of two sources: Ingram’s distribution partners (Bertrams, Gardners, etc.) or We also distribute in Australia and New Zealand.

Our books are finalised in-house and handled by our staff at every stage, from designing, printing, binding, shipping etc. We try our best to ensure that every book leaving our facility is of the highest quality and standard.

Rochak Publishing is a small but growing company that has developed worldwide on the basis of trust and strong relationships—our motto to see happiness of our poets and authors.

Do I receive any royalties, and if so, how much?

Our standard contract mentions that every author will receive a royalty percentage on each copy sold. 

Do I need to purchase an ISBN?
No. We will provide you with an ISBN received from ISBN Agency.

Who will design the cover?
We take sole responsibility for the development of cover designs for our books. if authors have a specific image or design, they may submit it to us. 

When will the book be available to order?
The book will be live and available to order on the day it is finalised.