Alice Parris

Ms. Parris began writing poetry at seventeen. At this juncture, she won her first award on a collegiate level. She wrote poetry for every poignant moment in her life for the next thirty-three years. Assembled into a journal, the book of these poems is called SOULGASM. The audio-book SOULGASM consists of four parts of bumping music, with Ms. Parris reading her book. This CD is sure to excite its listeners and is a one-of-a-kind- offering. 

Ms. Parris' poetry speaks of surviving drug and sex addiction, (hippie and beyond), as well as struggling with physical and mental illness. She gives the listener a glimpse into the spirit realm of an ex-fortune-teller. Ms. Parris states that, today, she is kept by the grace of a loving and merciful Heavenly Father. 

Her poems range from riveting sensuality to a high degree of spirituality, as well as the good, bad and ugly. Ms. Parris hopes that by exposing her own frailties, someone else who has lived the same moment, or circumstance, and is presently struggling with it, will be encouraged to know that there is hope.  

Ms. Parris states, "Extravagant pain and exquisite joy are but standard fare at the banquet of creativity." Ms. Parris' other works can be found in anthologies in the United Kingdom under Forward Press with its imprints of Poetry Now, Anchor Books, and Triumph House. She has been published in magazines in Canada: Open Minds Quarterly and Writer's Circle online. She has been published in India in the anthology Explorers as well as Taj Mahal Review. She has also been published in AMAG.  

Her poetry can also be read on poetry websites that feature various themes including Timbooktu, Redwebz,(under the name of Haliwa-Saponi) Holistic Junction, Raven Institute, Subtle Tea,. Sacramento Poetry, Art & Music, Love Poet's Café, Love Poetry Café and The World of Idiosyncrasy under Unpublishable, (a collection).


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