Manish Kumar Mudgal

Manish Mudgal; born on 13th May 1989 in a Brahmin family of a small village in Agra called Khera Bhagor, has been brought and caressed in discipline and defined limits. Being a son of an Army Officer & grandson of an eminent Brahmin was always a matter of honor because his acts would reflect his family's report.

He tries to withstand the expectations of his family but there was a free-living instinct in him. He was very fascinated to the outer world, the one we see with our eyes.  He was always excited to join the visual mass-the fake but much alluring!

While doing his B. Tech from Allahabad he comes across the same world he wished to live. He was away from home, and thus had very chances of satisfying his thrust to try everything. In this quest he comes across a very nice girl, and decides to be with her. He knew nothing about love but his smile was wider whenever when he saw her or did something for her. Commitment for lifetime was a concern for him but he could not as he knew it would oppose his family guidelines.

Every instance of his journey with the same beatific girl made him a slave of an unavoidable misery and or prewritten destiny. This book focuses how he is incapable of coming out of this problem. The girl will be devastated if he leaves her but on the same she will not accept if he goes alone, without his parents. Similarly his parents don't want to lose him but will not accept me if I comes along with her!

This way or that the pain for all three is visible to him. So he decides to attempt a final plea to his parents to explain that he still belongs to the same principles but relation with this girl was kind of directed by the supreme; they too made many attempts to dislodge but every time they were more closer!

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Manish Kumar Mudgal