Chandi V. S. Bulusu

Chandi V.S. Bulusu is a young and emerging poet. She is an ardent lover of Fine Arts and takes interest in Music, Painting and Writing. She has an Honors Degree in Mathematics and Masters Degree in Finance. A multi-faceted person, she also has Chitra Bhushan qualification in Fine Art. She is essentially interested in creative writing and writes poetry and short stories. She loves reading Spiritual books.

Painting is her passion. Her paintings have been exhibited many times in various parts of India and sold in parts of India and Europe. Her poems have been published in international and national literary journals and magazines in India and also included in Anthologies. Besides these she also has other certificates of merit. To her “Poetry is the speech of the unknown letters of wisdom.” She is fascinated by poems of realistic and tragic themes. 

Books By Chandi V. S. Bulusu