Jack Galmitz

Jack Galmitz began writing haiku in 1999. Awards and Other Honors: Intermittently, some of my poems have been chosen to appear in the annual anthologies published by Red Moon Press, and I was selected as one of the featured poets for A New Resonance 4: Emerging Voices in English-Language Haiku (Red Moon Press, 2005). In 2006, I was awarded the Ginyu Prize (chosen as the most accomplished books of haiku by the World Haiku Association) for my first two collections, A New Hand and Driftwood. I have sparsely written critiques of some haiku collections - the works of Tateo Fukutomi and the collection of Ban’ya Natsuishi’s poems in A Future Waterfall. In 2010, I was awarded the Kusamakura Grand Prize in the foreign language category. I received a Runner-up award in the newly-inaugurated Vladimir Devidé Haiku Awards (2011). Two of my haiku received a Zatuei (Haiku of Merit) Award in the Vanguard category (World Haiku Review, December 2011). I have recently been named “contributing editor” at Roadrunner Haiku Journal. I have been honored to have been chosen to be an Associate of The Haiku Foundation, created by Jim Kacian.

Books Published: A New Hand (Wasteland Press, 2006); Driftwood (Wasteland Press, 2007); Za vrabec/For a Sparrow:
 Haiku [Translations into Macedonian by Igor Isakovski] (Skopje, Macedonia: Blesok, 2007, in Macedonian and English]; Balanced is the Rose (Wasteland Press, 2008); The Effects of Light (AHA Online Books, 2002); Of All the Things (Ascent Aspirations Publishing); Sky Theatre (Ink: Literary E-Zine); A Simple Circle & Rockdove (Traveling Forms: Japanese/English Haiku); and The Coincidence of Stars [ed., Chris Gordon] (ant ant ant ant ant, 2011); yards & lots (West Virginia, Middle Island Press, 2012).

Books By Jack Galmitz

Jack Galmitz