Bhadauria Manish Singh

Bhadauria Manish Singh is a teacher and Ph.D Research Scholar pursuing his doctorate on Indian English Poetry. For him poetry is an internal talk and communion of few feelings. It begins with feel, either pain or joy. And searches a cure or an antidote for chaos may be inside or outside. Poetry is a beautiful painting drawn on the canvas of pages with bold and gentle strokes of words. This is his maiden Poetry Collection presenting two pen images of the World; breathing inside and outside. Inside world is a host few Dreams, few Unfulfilled desires, some secrets and some memories which comes to surface with some nostalgic moments. The inner world is the common texture among all the YOU and ME. Poems in this section can make you see your own replica in each verbal canvas. The world outer, presents an outburst of all the convoluted and suffocated voices, around you and me, including us too. This section is an upheaval against every unequal ground marginalizing and penalizing the humanity. Manish Singh has published his poems and short stories in illustrated magazines and literary reviews like Indian Rumination, Nazar Look and Tajmahal Review.

Books By Bhadauria Manish Singh