Denise-A. Langner-Urso

Born 1960 in Berlin, In our family English, Spanish, Italian and French are spoken. I have learned old-Greek and Latin as well as English and Spanish at school. Studied medicine and law both for four and two years. Worked as a nurse during this time. Owner of a car-store for 10 years Worked for a limited company for some time Worked as an insurance agent for a big company. Worked as a trainer, team-leader and manager for call-centres for several years.

"Voice of the Phoenix" is a work of poetry and meant to be an impulse. Today's world develops more and more to a place where a beast of prey called money dominates over humanity. Should there be at least one reader of my book who I can rouse out of his restricted ideology and who starts to think, I have reached my goal.

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Denise-A. Langner-Urso