Badal Chandra Ray

Badal Chandra Ray is very interested to write something by which our society will get some good things and can change to create a lovey environment to live with eternal happiness. From age of 13, He started collecting good articles from daily newspaper and magazines and from age 17, He started writing some small poems stories etc. but He gave more attention to make a career by which He can earn money to give financial support to his family. Till He continued writing in late nights. Though He is busy in professional work from 10am morning to 12pm night to earn money, till he writes some paragraphs in late night to fulfill his real dream because he does not want to be so much materialistic. So B. C. Ray wants to write some good thing by which some of us will get help. He completed his graduation in English in the year 2003 after that he completed Post Graduate in Multimedia. Currently he established a small IT company in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India.

Books By Badal Chandra Ray