D. Everett Newell

D Everett Newell is most convincing and admirable in this collection. In the intensity of his imagination, we reach the climax of his poetic life. His intuitive complexity is revealed in concrete images or words. The myriad subtleties of his thought are truly amazing. D Everett Newell is one of the greatest poets the modern world has known. The poems show sharp conciseness of style. These poems are full of an impressive outpouring of spontaneous passion. The precious characteristic of these poems is a remarkable aptness of phraseMy name is Dennis Everett Newell; I am called in no certain order, Denny, Den, Big D, D Everett, and Dennis. It’s funny, but I can usually tell by how someone calls my name, what time in my life we shared. I guess there are many layers to a life that has now spanned 61 years. My middle name, Everett, has been passed down in our family since the Civil War. My great-great-grandfather’s name was Darius Newell, who named his son Silas Everett Newell, my great-grandfather. He in turn named his son John Everett Newell, my grandfather, who then in turn named my dad, John Everett Newell Jr. My dad named me Dennis Everett Newell, and my son is Corey Everett Newell.

Due to deeply true emotions these poems have an attractive appeal for all readers. The style of these poems is quite attractive due to every day words used by the poet revealing technical skill and attractive insights. After reading these poems, it is evident that the poet s style is quite lucid. The diction and phrasing of these poems is quite remarkable.


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D. Everett Newell