Jerry Gallagher

During the Summer of 1977 Jerry Gallagher left his Job as a Counselor for the Pennsylvania Bureau of Correction and with his long time Friend, Hal, left on a nearly Two Month Trip through the United States and Canada. Jerry's Latest Book, "Lonesome Travelers: An American Journey," is a Non Fiction Novel documenting the Road Trip Adventures of Jerry and Hal as they traveled Through The United States and Canada from Pennsylvania to the West Coast and back East to Phoenix, Arizona, where they dropped off Hal's Cousin's Mercury Monarch, the car the Duo had been traveling in on their Long Distance Drive before returning by plane to Pennsylvania.

Jerry Gallagher's Fourth Published Book and Second Novel "The Man On The Grassy Knoll - The Assassins" is the First Book in a Series which Spans Decades and Deals with some of the most important Political and Moral Issues of the 20th Century. In "The Assassins" Author, Jerry Gallagher puts a new Fictional Spin on the Nightmare Assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy on November 22nd,1963 by combining some very Disturbing and Controversial Truths with some even more Disturbing and Controversial Fictional Elements.

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Jerry Gallagher