Alan Coxon

Alan Coxon is a British born chef that has spent a lifetime in the food and media industries working in Michelin star restaurants to opening the largest hotel in Europe, based in Paris, France.

As a Chef and author Alan has won a multitude of International Innovation and competition Gold awards.
He has filmed more than 1,250 TV shows such as “Ever Wonder about Food” for BBC 2, spent 4 years as resident chef on the set of the Gloria Hunnifords “Open House” for channel 5, “Coxon`s Royal Feast” and “Coxon`s Sporting Feast” for BBC Worldwide, as well as 4 years as guest chef presenter on “Great Food Live” for Food Network UK, working in countries including India, China, Serbia, Slovenia, Japan, Taiwan and France to name just a few.

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Alan Coxon