George Bradford Patterson II

George Bradford Patterson II has deserved several times First Prize in Poetry in the monthly Poetry Contest by my institution, since he is a distinguished member of Bilingual MCA, in merit of his unique ability to write outstanding poems in both English and Spanish Languages. I learned to appreciate and even admire his particular style entangled by his non reverential mood to see reality. George is that kind of writer who does not know how to disguise ugliness. I feel very identified with this obsession: to confront veracity with a combination of aestheticism and authenticity instead of pretending not to see what Earth is, traveling to nonsense in verses. Nevertheless, he is not only a Truth maker. He turns to be a sophisticated poet with a rare aptitude to create scenes in our mind, and make us travel into a new world, full of awesome sights. George is a messenger of Love, Liberation and Beauty. His soul is appreciative and sensitive towards human troubles and subsidiary to possible solutions for international peace through Love Literature. He is a dreamer, a magician of poetry. One of the best artists of letters worldwide, in the ceilings of Vanguard, the Social Poetry neoclassicism. His writing turns to use both metric and free verses, according to the matter or theme he is developing. He is an open minded author with lyrics enlightened by platonic ideals of Freedom and Justice A perfect lyrical syntaxes and a non stopping rhythm , probably born in his permanence in Philippines , develops his breathtaking, overwhelmingly beautiful prose and a soft, romantic, but at the same time accurate and perceptive poetry. This parallelism between human reality and the lyrical perfection of his work, is a disparity that captivates our admiration. He owns the talent to maintain our interest from the very beginning to the last word since he does never repeat himself in a sequential verse full of clear watery light. This book incarnates magisterially Love in its most compassionate, charitable sense. The author himself is owner of a delicate soul, able to feel sentiments that are only rescued to delight of a few human beings. His personality, is exhibited through these pearls of wisdom, grown up into his poetical mind, from where are thrown in front of our eyes, coming from an emerald sea ornamented with music in words. An incredible symphony is born in our ears while we enjoy any of his delicatessens. (María Cristina Azcona)

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