Marc Carver

Marc Carver was born in 1966 in Erith, England. He has worked in a variety of jobs and lived in Germany for three and a half years while he was serving in the Army. When he came out of the army he spent a long time drifting from one job to another. He has been writing for about fifteen years but only seriously for about the last year. Before, he wrote mostly fiction and has written a couple of books as yet unpublished. Now he concentrates exclusively on his poetry. When not writing or editing his work, he is performing it. He has a large amount of venues, mainly in London where he performs his poetry and has a slot at an arts centre in London. Now that he has finished his first book, he is looking forward to a second. Mainly because he has crystallized a form a style of writing that is not exclusively his but one that is one he is very happy with. You will probably be able to tell, if you look hard enough at the poems which are, in his words the end of the journey. The most important thing for him is that you enjoy his work, come and see him perform and buy more of his books so he can write more and you can read more.

Books By Marc Carver