Nik Marvin

I landed planet earth in 1968, being born in Cheltenham UK. Most of my early youth I spent playing on heathland and in the forest, until I got sent to a boarding school for 6 years for not being a sheep. After leaving school I spent some time in Bournemouth, then London, Swanage, Bristol and finally back in Bournemouth. Mother Nature is my greatest love and's Her that heals my hurts and keeps me going.

Thoughts on a Picture

Before the fall I held you,

clasped you tighter than death,

determined that together we'd rise

on the yearning of your love.

And on my wings we'd fly above

all and everything that matters here.

but were my embraces too tight,

as I watched the glittering light

of hope and promise squeezed out of your eyes?

And though your elementals cover you,

grip you, all they do is smother you.

What can either of us do to stop your cries?

For if I don't let go,

you'll tear: this much I know...

Torn by my ever tightening grip.

But if I let go you'll disappear,

and realise my deepest fear

Of melting into solid stone.

Leaving me...alone



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