Liba (Moshé )

Moshé Liba, 1931

As lecturer, writer and poet, member of the Hebrew Writers Association in Israel, of the Haagse Kunstkring-The Netherlands, and of various other national and international associations, he has lectured and published and is included in anthologies. He contributes regularly to literary, historical and international publications, reviews, periodicals, yearbooks, anthologies, and On-line publications in the Internet. Writing in several languages, he has published 66 books, history books, short stories, essays, literary criticism, children's books, theater-plays, albums, brochures, between them 37 books of poetry-including bilinguals.

He is included in the “Poetry Archive of New Zealand”, has been translated in many languages, published in various countries,and  awarded many honorary titles.

The Israeli company “Lily Films” Tal Shachar is planning a documentary based on his book: “Jewish Child Slaves in São Tome”. The Dutch film company “Stichting Regina Script” is working on a documentary about “Liba and Stroumsa”. A play written in Hebrew on the basis of his book:” The Fiddler from Auschwitz” was staged in Israel in 1989. A play on the same theme written in Dutch was staged in The Hague in 2008 and in 2010. The actress and writer Mieke Lelyveld (The Hague) is currently transforming his book: “They Drank Kava” into a theatrical show.

The renown composer Leon Biriotti (Uruguay) has composed the classical Concert: “Cinco Canciones Trágicas”, 2010, on some of his poems in Spanish, scheduled to be performed in Jerusalem in 2012. Moshé Liba is member of various national and international associations of painters and sculptors. He has been on the board of the New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts (2000-2004), and of other associations. 

Has presented 47 solo exhibitions and has participated in more than 300 group exhibitions; has won various awards and recognitions. He has illustrated books, albums, reviews and periodicals. As a board member of IMAS, he is in charge of the itinerary of the “Bible Miniature Art Exhibition”, now touring Europe. A new exhibition of the same kind is planned to tour the USA, beginning in 2012. His paintings served as scenery background for the French film “Le Grand Pardon 2”, Alexandre Films, Paris, 1993. His paintings, sculptures, statues and murals are in public institutions, libraries, museums, art galleries and private collections throughout the world. His artworks are represented in albums, anthologies and on websites in the Internet.

Books By Liba (Moshé )