Window to Heaven

Window to Heaven

Author : María Cristina Azcona
Binding : Paperback (pp: 86)
ISBN : 81-8253-061-X
Publisher :
Pub.Date : 2006
Price : $12

Reviews on "Window to heaven" a poetry book by M C Azcona

From eminent poets and philosophers


Maria, I have received a copy of Window to Heaven. I find here a happy marriage between your lyrics and printing. The cover, design and presentation are delightful to the eyes. You are at your best as usual in Window to Heaven. These are meaningful poems, particularly at this time when peace is being shredded into pieces. This is an impressive collection. Your biography and prologue are equally impressive. I agree with you when you say that 'The education of love must include the concept of love to humanity, as a way to teach solidarity, cooperative spirit, and respect to humanity.' I am pleased to read that Pope John Paul 11 is your inspirer. Pope John Paul was a compass that guided humanity for moral strength and also how to live and die. The magnetic needle of this compass always pointed out to the culture of peace and love that was watched closely by a sea of eager eyes everywhere. Maria Azcona, you are on the right track. You are doing a service to humanity by using your talent for peace. Stephen Gill- Laureated poet -writer- Canada



"I mind sometimes writing poems to create peace is difficult like our reality, because poetry is not birth in only concept, in only feeling, only shouts, or only cry.  It seems to need intelligence, humanity, and harmony.  Dr. Maria Cristina Azcona could give us the poetry grace.   Her book 'Window to Heaven' shows us how to create peace by her profound insight, psychology,  deliberation, and love. The vivid image is like shining bright by moonlight in peace of night.   The music is like ripples washing our mind-shore to arouse our consciousness from our gulf to peace.   Thank you Dr. Maria Cristina Azcona.   Your brave challenge to Peace would be celebrated in our planet. Kae Morii- Poet-Japan



You are a psychotherapist and your knowledge of the human beings and the sufferings gives to your poetry this addition of direction goes to the subsoil of our existences by the depth of the words which reveal one lived of engagement. You are woman and because they give or can give the life, the women which begin by the words, the action and poetic art, have this dimension to restore what there is moreover in vain and of nobler in the human one. Guy Crequie- Poet, Philosopher -France 


These poems belong to a category that we could call "poems to improve ourselves and the external world". The poems of Maria Cristina Azcona in this book are such from forward edge to the last ones.  They give us the impression that this poetess, with few words, knows how to express the drama of this generation lost in the ocean of the commercial communication, the propaganda and the fashion. The last verses of the book say "You need to help me in this endeavor/giving your hand to whom is at your side/Discovering Peace around your heart/to enlighten the darkness of this decadent life" and it talks about the contribution of the individual to find the own peace and the improvement for a better world. Truly Maria Cristina Azcona must be considered part of the still small army conformed by people of good will, who work hardly to change the world. In this sense she can be considered part of the Movement for the International Understanding, in whose vanguard we include  all persons who favor the use and diffusion of the international language neutral Esperanto. Renato Corsetti Esperanto Association President - Italy translation from Esperanto by Roberto Sartor, Argentina


"The book got into my house this morning
filling the walls with its presence
opened one to one four windows
the East one to let the sun get in
the South one to get peace for tomorrow
the Feather one to write Love
and the One which is Breeze and Tolerance. "
Ernesto Kahan IFLAC Vicepresident Doctor in Medicine and Literature (translated to English by M C Azcona)


"The writer's mission - among others - is to recover the kidnapped word and bring it back to it' back to it's restoring dynamic.It this book María Cristina Azcona is demiurg who poetically communicates to us her lucid and why not? prophetic look about the characteristics and conceptions of the present world. She keeps her self demand because she never leaves beauty aside. Even when she refers to the paradox of our times, and makes use of sharpness or subtle irony, she does so with a high degree of lyricism. Sometimes she portraits a certain situation from the veracity of a description, in the way through drawing and painting does Silvina Ocampo and other writers. Even in poems where reflects the cruelty of an destructive exterior world, she will lay a mantle of understanding over the un protected of the voices of injustice and dreams, and she will make an urgent call to our interior self. Maria Cristina Azcona is a muse, a poet, prophet and an indefatigable paladin of peace, also devotes several compositions on the topic, attentive to the signs of postmodern times and seeing that poetry highlights as a creative reality which gives sense permanent values, amidst the process of individual and social decay.A poetic work for young and adults which should not be absent from any humanist' library." Marita Ragozza, IFLAC Argentina- Pehuajo Delegate

About María Cristina Azcona

María Cristina Azcona is an Educational Psychologist, poetess, novelist and peace researcher. Her articles, reviews, poems and short stories are continuously published in many newspapers, magazines and anthologies around Argentina, UK, India, US, and other countries.Since 1980, she works as a psychotherapist specialized in Forensic Psycho diagnosis, listed by the American Biographical Institute (ABI) in their international directory “Experts & Expertise”. US -She was born in Buenos Aires City, Argentina, where she lives joined to her family.

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