Author : Dr. Anuj
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9789390601134
Publisher :
Pub.Date : 2022
Price : $17

The doctor, wrapped in a white linen coat is neither divine nor evil but an ordinary human being who laughs and cries with the patients who come to him to feel his healing touch. His life is a commitment he must fulfil. He is not infallible or perfect because he is not God but he is the epitome of compassion. Often, he has to use his intuition, perception and reasoning to make split decisions. His nights are long and sleepless as he maintains a vigil over his patient, watching for a sign that will tell him that his patient lives. The healer touches life to regenerate it, and is himself miraculously regenerated. Enter Dr Ashwin Biswas . .

About Dr. Anuj

Dr. Anuj is a renowned hand surgeon and micro surgeon.  He is Director of the Microsurgery Centre of Agra.  A high profile professional, he has been a visiting hand surgeon to various hospitals including the USA, Switzerland, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia and Thailand. He has a passion for music and poetry.  Being an emotional person and a lover of nature and beauty, Dr. Anuj has penned his thoughts through poetry in our 2015 publication of his collection of Hindi poetry entitled Bhavranjini and also through fiction in our 2016 publication of his novel entitled That Erotic Silence.  

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