Voices from the Castle...

Voices from the Castle...

Author : Rosa Maria DelVecchio
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9788182531505
Publisher : Cyberwit.net
Pub.Date : 2009
Price : $12

From gothic chiller to love poem, VOICES from the Castle Dungeon is a collection of free verse poetry that proposes a fine line exists between emotional discord and spiritual serenity.  To this end, Rosa Maria DelVecchio creates a diversity of personae who collectively complement one another.  There is the persona of woman as victim in “The Empty Mansion,” the uncompromising lady in “The Craving,” and the widow who wails tenderly in “Life Love.”  The voice of the narcissistic gentleman player in “Be My Wife” is juxtaposed with that of the alpha male in “Lion Queen’s Prayer” as well as that of the spiritual guardian in “Gargoyles.”  A variety of maternal figures speak out in poems such as “Devil’s Advocate” and “Love Maternal.”  Equal voice is given to a myriad of child personae from the surviving adult girl of family dysfunction in the “Recurrent Nightmare” prose poems to the untouched innocent of poems such as “Wine Grapes” and “Passage to America .”  Beginning with the cryptic language of “Stone Façade” and ending with the concise syntax of “The Dark Ages,” this collection is framed by DelVecchio’s range of poetic style and offered to readers in the spirit of literary recreation.

About Rosa Maria DelVecchio

Rosa Maria DelVecchio lives in Brooklyn, Ohio, and makes her living as a law school administrative secretary at Cleveland State University, where she wrote a master’s thesis on Chaucer in 1984. She wrote a dissertation on Edgar Allan Poe and received a Ph.D. in English from Case Western Reserve University in 1993.

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