Author : Dr. Dhirendra Verma
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9788182531512
Publisher : Rochak Publishing
Pub.Date : 2009
Price : $20

How often have you stopped and wondered about the origin of words that you use every day in your speech or writing? You will be pleasantly surprised to discover that most of these common words have interesting, amusing and amazing stories behind them. Hundreds of words owe their existence to the names of people, places, and mythological figures. Many others are borrowed directly from such diverse languages as Arabic, Chinese, Hindi or Japanese and used freely by people who have little idea about their exact origin. Yet others are a curious blend of related languages such as Sanskrit, Latin, Greek, French, and German. This book, the lifetime\'s work of an enthusiastic and zealous researcher, endeavours to provide a glimpse into the mysteries and romance surrounding the origin of such words.

About Dr. Dhirendra Verma

Dr. Dhirendra Verma hails from Uttar Pradesh, India. He received his early education at Bareilly and Nainital and took his bachelor's and master's degree in Health Sciences from Agra University. He worked as a Rockefeller Foundation Research Fellow at India s National Institute of Virology in Pune before leaving for Canada in 1962 on a student scholarship to pursue studies at the doctoral level.

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