The Tunnel

The Tunnel

Author : Adam Powell & Rick Davis
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 978-81-8253-160-4
Publisher :
Pub.Date : 2010
Price : $18

Cyberwit Best Seller

The intentions of the authors are manyfold, but primarily: 1) to underscore that any Armageddon in 2012 will be "man-created", 2) that negative and dark forces can be defeated, no matter how great they are, 3) to help function as a "wake up call" for those that would choose to ignore the information that abounds regarding the existence of a new world order whose agendas may run contrary to many of the values we esteem today, and 4) to serve as an encouragement to all to stop living in ignorance and fear, and to begin using their thoughts, words and actions actively in their "creator/creative" capacities in order to participate personally in the process of making a better world ... rather than swallowing the"bitter pills" that are being fed to us by politicians, corporations, the media, and unnamed individuals whose aspirations and agendas are characterized by power and greed. 

This message abounds in many forms today: youtube videos, truther websites, books etc. but humanoids are resistant to "being told" too much "truth", and would rather find it out on their own ... and in small portions at a time. It is all too simple and convenient for many to disregard all information that is uncomfortable or too "fantastic" as "merely conspiracy theory-based". The truth is that there are elements of "truth" in all perspectives and arguments - even in so-called "conspiracy theories". It is up to the individual to decide which elements he/she deems to be correct and important enough to react to. Taking these "conspiracy theory" scenarios to their absolute limits helps to create a surrealistic calm and an environment where the mind may again "play ... and create" to form a new set of truths and values without fearing that change is impossible - even should the very worst occur. Therefore, the extreme science fiction genre seems appropriate for combining information, entertainment and for instilling in the reader an interest for exploring more of the "researchable" information woven into the story and the foreward ...

About Rick Davis

“Rick” DAVIS (USA) began writing fiction in 2005 and has previously published two books online entitled “Sky’s the Limit” Book I and the sequel, Book II © 2006 and 2008 respectively.  "The tunnel at the end of time" marks his debut as an author of a book in print.

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