Three Legged Waltz

Three Legged Waltz

Author : Adam Donaldson Powell
Binding : Hardback (pp: 80)
ISBN : 81-8253-058-X
Publisher :, Allahabad, India
Pub.Date : 2006
Price : $15

Adam Donaldson Powell's fourth book of poetry, Three-legged Waltz, is inspired by the masterful works by composer Maurice Ravel: "Valses Nobles et Sentimentales" and "Gaspard de la Nuit". In this volume of poetry and reviews, Powell transforms the formerly "useless occupation" of the waltz into a multicultural and trilingual dance suited for modern times. With original poetry, his poetry in translation and his reviews in Spanish, English and Norwegian, Adam Powell invites the reader to dance both on the periphery and in the heart of an increasingly globalized literary world. 

His partners in this three-legged waltz are three poets (María Cristina Azcona, Diane Oatley and Susan Morales Guerra) who have each written a preface in one of the book's three languages, and have otherwise contributed their literary and translation talents. On the sidelines, watching this sometimes decadent and sometimes luscious waltz is the Chilean-born writer Fernando Rodríguez who has contributed with editorial and translation assistance.

About Adam D. Powell

Adam Donaldson Powell (USA-Norway) has published several books previously, including novels/novellas, poetry, literary criticism and more - in USA, Norway and India. He writes in English, Spanish, Norwegian and French. Mr. Powell is also a visual artist (painter, installation artist and photographer), and a literary critic (primarily poetry books, haiku books, and books of short prose).

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