Self Portrait

Self Portrait

Author : Barbara Elizabeth Mercer
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 978-8182530652
Publisher :
Pub.Date : 2006
Price : $14

Barbara Mercer s book of poetry may be considered a perfect ensemble of the reflection of her own livable experiences and her aesthetic sensibility, as a painter who at the same time, is a poetess. The book is an artistic self-biography where all the awesome skills of the author conforms an aquarelle of incredible value around her own life remembrances. The poems flow sweetly, naturally, in front of the reader eyes, exposing her story to several levels of interpretation. Visually, melodiously, conceptually, we roam through the sidewalks and paths of her own personality that is present all the time in her constructions. We are able to live her memories through this narration, and through that description, since she wants us to enter this journey, deliberately. She recreates the scenes and the sensations that marked her destiny, intending us to understand, to comprehend why she became a painter and a poetess. We can include her magnificent work in postmodern poetry, because it develops all the characteristics of this style.

About Barbara E. Mercer

Barbara Mercer never asserts, doesn’t give ready answers (sign: !), but as ancient Pythia, insinuating and using deep interrogation (sign: ?). Her poetic work of departure – “little red book of poetry” – under different covers, always thinks: “Secrets”, “Mystic Wills”. Always: “Ready to reveal/Deeply held secrets”. And it is not simply “a Victorian throwback”, but the evidence of triumph, laughter and the pursuit of Eternally Young Blood:

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