All That Comes, Goes

All That Comes, Goes

Author : Robert P. Craig
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 978-8182530881
Publisher :
Pub.Date : 2007
Price : $10

Robert P. Craig a Professor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) at San Jacinto College, Central, and has been there for five years. He was Professor of Cultural Studies at the University of Houston, Main Campus, until the Program Area was disbanded. He worked there about 15 years. He has written four books, edited four books, written two books of poetry and 112 peer reviewed articles in various journals. He has given talks all over the world, including China, Malaysia and Viet Nam.

About Robert P. Craig

Robert P. Craig a Professor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) has published eight books of poetry, other books published in 2010 entitled A Sense of Wonder and Ethics. Robert is an adjunct Prof. of Ethics in the Department of Loyola University, Lake Shore Campus, Chicago, Illinois.

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