Newborn Smiles

Newborn Smiles

Author : Ramesh Anand
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 978-8182532786
Publisher :
Pub.Date : 2012
Price : $13

The credentials for the haiku in Ramesh Anand's book Newborn Smiles are impeccable. His life experiences, as haiku moments, have been published and forthcoming in journals and online in Magnapoets, ACORN and Bottle Rockets Press, Anthologies such as The Temple Bell Stops : Loss And Grief, Prayer for Japan and Haiku Journal, OM Times Magazine, Lyrical Passion and many others.

About Ramesh Anand

Ramesh Anand is an author of his first haiku book, Newborn Smiles and a Senior R&D Engineer based in Johor, Malaysia. He lives happily with his better half, Divya, and their best little half, Tanmayi. His life experiences, as Haiku moments, and his long verses, have been published and forthcoming in Worlds premier print journals, Anthologies, Japanese Newspapers, Magazines, E-zines and E-Journals.

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