Tenors of Love

Tenors of Love

Author : Shravan
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9788182534100
Publisher : Cyberwit.net
Pub.Date : 2013
Price : $13

The compilation of poems in this book is over a period of time and in accord of all the emotions sometimes heartening and the melancholy times. Love is after all a beautiful emotion, very much to the perspective of an individual and how it is felt, interpreted and realized inside. For once and for ever, love is an inevitable feel for anyone in the space of life. The beautiful energy, inspiration and the melancholy despair at times is what any individual feels, hovers around and settles.

About Shravan

Shravan Kumar Gururajan is a poetry hobbyist and a passionate content writer who has worked with several journals and magazines at work places. Being a professional in the field of Information Technology, the author has had flair for writing since the young age. 

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