Wishes Cost Too Much

Wishes Cost Too Much

Author : Mickey Kulp
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9788182537361
Publisher : Cyberwit.net
Pub.Date : 2021
Price : $15

The most delicately exquisite moments are visible in those poems where the poet is charged with emotions reveals lyrical intensity.

About Mickey Kulp

Mick is a writer and father who is not allowed to buy his own clothes. His work has appeared in numerous consumer magazines, newspapers, literary journals, three books of poetry, and the Rocket Team series of children's picture books. He is a member of the Georgia Writers Registry and a founding member of both the Snellville Writers Group and Southern Fried Writers. In 2018, he created a quarterly reading series with a fundraiser for the local food co-op. He lives with his wife and a dozen larcenous squirrels in Atlanta, GA. His next book is coagulating nicely.

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