Helen And Her Brothers

Helen And Her Brothers

Author : James W. White
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9789395131070
Publisher : Rochak Publishing
Pub.Date : 2023
Price : $15

Helen Steves, a young woman of 19, slouched in her favorite chair, leaned back and kicked off her shoes. She took a deep breath and let it out slowly on a warm, Texas afternoon in August, 1936.

Helen enjoyed her quiet moments, but those moments were numbered. Soon, Helen would be pulled out of her chair and sent to far off Los Angeles, California in the company of people the likes of which she couldn’t even imagine back in her comfortably dull Texas home.

Helen told her mother, "Everybody gets a chance to grab the golden ring. Some take that chance, some don't. It's there for the taking, but every time that ring comes in my direction, I'm paying attention to things that don't matter. Know what I mean?"

Unfortunately, Helen’s chance for the ring don’t go as planned. Turns out, the world has a different plan for her, and after an inauspicious start, Helen finds out taking chances, even well intended chances, can be risky.

About James W. White

Jim is a California-based writer of historical, literary and science fiction. He earned an MA in U.S. History. His professional career has included military service, teaching, research librarian and technical writing. Jim is currently serving as President of his town's literary non-profit organization, Benicia Literary Arts. Jim's stories have appeared in Datura Literary Journal, The Wapshott Press, and Remington Review. His fourth novella, Carp Cafe launches in January 2022 through Adelaide Books.


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