Hollywood Hedgewitch

Hollywood Hedgewitch

Author : Andrea Lambert
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9789395131100
Publisher : Rochak Publishing
Pub.Date : 2023
Price : $20

I am a mentally ill, queer, widowed, writer/artist in Hollywood. Cis-gender femme. Witch. I have an MFA from CalArts. I devote all my time to art and writing. My family and SSDI supports me. I don’t have a job. I am 38.
Ursula is a semi-famous writer/artist that I have been observing over the Internet for a long time. She has been on my radar for about ten years. I don’t remember who added who on Facebook. March 2015 she makes flirtatious comments on my Facebook selfies.
One afternoon she Facebook chats me. Calls me beautiful and talented. Asks me to hang out that day. She is getting her tarot cards read in Echo Park. She invites me to come along.
I meet Ursula in a small shop called Otherwild. It is raining. While she gets her cards read, I walk to a coffeeshop nearby. The rain soaks me to the bone.


Andrea Lambert is a queer writer and artist with Schizoaffective Disorder and Long COVID. Themes of abjection, mental illness, transgression and the occult inhabit her work. Author of Jet Set Desolate, Scaffolding and other books.Anthologies: Impact,Golden State 2017, Haunting Muses and elsewhere. Writing in Blanket Sea, The Because Better Project, OCCULUM and elsewhere. Nevada recluse. She/Her. Twitter: @AndreaLamber. Site: andreaklambert.com.

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